Why Be a Democracy Defender?

Becoming a nonpartisan Democracy Defender will help make sure as few Arizonans as possible have issues voting. Having well-trained poll workers and volunteers can be the difference between someone’s ability to vote or being denied their rights.

Many poll workers are over 60 years old and at higher risk of contracting COVID-19. We need a new, young generation of poll workers and volunteers to get trained to help their community vote.

We’re recruiting, training, and deploying volunteers to detect voter issues, support voters, and quickly course correct so no one is denied the ability to vote. Text VOLUNTEER to 59271.

What can I do?

Volunteers can participate in any way they feel safe — online or in-person. Get trained to be a:

  • Poll Worker: Your county needs you to work the polls and help voters cast their ballot, while being paid for your time! Click here to sign up →
  • Poll Monitor: Our volunteers who are the eyes and ears at polling places to sound the alarm when there are issues, and help voters on the spot!
  • Social Media Monitor: Scroll your social media platforms looking for misinformation & disinformation to report, help your friends and followers who may experience voter issues, and spread the voter assistance hotline numbers far and wide!
  • Get-Out-the-Hotline Outreach: Call and text voters from the comfort of your home before Election Day so they have the voter assistance hotlines.

We’re Arizonan’s protecting each others’ right to vote.